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The SilverCat 22M was unveiled by Tillberg Design

silver cat 22m boating greece

Tillberg Design of Sweden (TDoS) offers an exclusive look at the intricate design details of the SilverCat 22M semi-custom electric catamaran, which is under construction. In partnership with SilverYachts and Espen Oeino, TDoS Yacht is spearheading the interior design and layout for this innovative 22m catamaran.

Its interior embodies a Scandinavian-inspired interior characterized by simplicity and elegance. TDoS Yacht, led by Daniel Nerhagen, Partner and Yacht Director, has meticulously created an interior that seamlessly blends natural materials with bold, sporty colors against a neutral background.

silver yachts interior design boating greece

The SilverCat 22M project introduces vibrant colors such as orange, blue and white, bringing life and luxury to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Starting from traditional yacht palettes, TDoS embraced bold and vibrant hues to deliver a unique and distinct atmosphere.

silver yacht deck boating greece

On the outer deck there is a large c-shaped lounge surrounded a fireplace, which enhances the warmth of the atmosphere.

She will reach top speeds of 20 knots, with a range of 685 nautical miles at 15 knots and power will come from two 1,000hp Volvo D13 engines.,,tdosyacht


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