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OTAM 70HT: The 22m luxury yacht offers unlimited customization, comfort and high speed

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Entirely designed by the Italian studio BG DESIGN FIRM, which has largely achieved the goal of respecting and enhancing the style and identity of the Otam brand, the Otam 70HT is characterized by the concepts of engineering, identity and iconicity as main pillars of his creation.

Its aggressively sporty yet sleek and fearless exterior lines are inspired by luxury supercars and aeronautical design. The instantly recognizable design DNA of OTAM combined with the sleek new hull lines by Umberto Tagliavini Marine Design achieve a high performance design and engineering result.

"Our commitment is to always deliver an exceptional product, ensuring that every yacht bearing the OTAM name is a true masterpiece of bespoke luxury," says Matteo Belardinelli, Director of Sales and Communications at OTAM Yachts.

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Innovation and meticulousness in the construction of the hull.

The all-new engineered deep V hull with a 21° deadlift angle together with the remarkable engine room volume are Otam's trademark, upon which the new Otam 70 ht is based. "OTAM yachts often use a third less fuel than their counterparts because the deep V hull minimizes contact with the water compared to rounded boats. Our yachts also cover distances in almost half the time of others." emphasizes Belardinelli. This translates into a more environmentally friendly approach and reduced engine strain, ultimately extending the yacht's longevity. The OTAM 70HT is a shining example, with a fuel capacity of 5,500 liters (with an optional 1,000 litre) while consuming an average of just 10 liters per mile.

Meticulous study and deep engineering in the all-new hull shapes ensure unmatched fuel efficiency and unmatched performance even on the open seas. Loaded with technology from championship-winning speed machines, the hull was developed for precision and stability.

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Quality of materials

OTAM uses a mixture of Aramat, Kevlar and carbon fiber in the construction process, unlike many other yacht builders who rely solely on GRP. "Building a high-speed boat in these materials means the end product is robust, safe and comfortable for everyone on board," says Belardinelli. "Lightweight materials are not suitable for a boat capable of reaching these high speeds, as they lack the flexibility and stiffness required for both quality and comfort."

OTAM chooses a rare approach that is hardly used in Pleasure Luxury Yachts. The interiors verify a true Italian craftsmanship, as the woods are not simply pre-cut and assembled, but entirely built on board achieving unconventional quality and sturdiness, a unique approach that ensures fearless results and unlimited aesthetic or layout options for clients .

Individuality and Customization

Each OTAM yacht exemplifies individuality, with every detail tailored to the owner's vision. Belardinelli sheds light on this process, stating, "We meticulously design the interior layout before laminating our hull because it significantly affects weight distribution. With over 100 OTAM yachts, no two are alike given the custom interior layout and lamination every customer." To bring these visions to life, the OTAM 70HT was designed by Giuseppe Bagnardi of Italian design firm BG. Once the customer's internal wishes were clear, OTAM adjusted the lamination and weight distribution to fit those layout requirements.

"OTAM brings the 'big boat mentality' to the mid-sized range of fast yachts – the level of customization is equal to that of large superyachts," explains Matteo Belardinelli. "Not only can the aesthetics be customized, but the customer can also choose the technical and structural specifications according to the priorities and needs of the yacht."

With an overall length of 22 meters and a beam of 5.40 meters, the yacht offers unlimited customization, unrivaled space and comfort for a fast luxury cruiser of its size. This speedboat can reach top speeds of 50 knots and cruising speeds of 40 knots.



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