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Lateral Naval Architects secures ABS AiP for its Energy Transition Platform

Η Lateral Naval Architects εξασφαλίζει το ABS AiP για την Πλατφόρμα Μετάβασης Ενέργειας

In a step towards reaching net zero within the industry, Southampton-based Lateral Naval Architects has announced it has received an Approval in Principle (AiP) for its Energy Transition Platform (ETP). ABS awarded the AiP for feasibility of the naval architecture and engineering systems.

Lateral Naval Architects secure AiP from ABS for Energy Transition Platform

The ETP is a technical solution that enables a phased transition from diesel-based fuels to methanol in a "pre-engineered design that can hedge against possible future outcomes". Lateral has worked collaboratively with ABS to understand the most effective methods of compliance, ensuring the platform adopts safety methodologies and regulatory compliance into the heart of the design.

Lateral has been actively progressing their net-zero journey for some time. A journey aiming to offer a future-proof solution for yacht owners who are looking to break away from business as usual and reduce their CO2 emissions in line with the rest of the maritime fleet. This demands an adaptable technical architecture that can accommodate the alterations to layout, configuration and specifications needed to integrate future technologies and alternative fuels in the least invasive way possible.

Lateral's vision of a future-proof superyacht is named, Energy Transition Platform ; a solution developed to ensure multiple technical pathways can be discussed as technologies mature during the energy transition timeline.

Yacht Aeolus
Yacht Aeolus

They have previously explored the idea on larger scale 100m+ in length ETP such as the concept Aeolus. In order to scale the ETP design for smaller yachts, Lateral has returned to the drawing board, testing new ideas and concepts to deliver an optimized platform for 70m yachts.

Daniele Bottino, ABS Manager (left)  Simon Brealey, Chief Mechanical Engineer at Lateral (right)
Daniele Bottino, ABS Manager (left) Simon Brealey, Chief Mechanical Engineer at Lateral (right)

Simon Brealey, Chief Mechanical Engineer at Lateral, expressed enthusiasm for this achievement, stating, "Achieving AiP for our flexible methanol-ready platform is a very important first step in the journey to provide our clients with solutions and practical answers to the future. As naval architects and engineers, we are excited by the challenges of the energy transition, and the ETP is a great example of our ongoing work to push towards net zero."

Daniele Bottino, ABS Manager, Business Development, Yacht Sector Lead, commended Lateral Naval Architects for their forward-looking approach, stating, "ABS is proud to collaborate with forward-looking companies like Lateral Naval Architects who continuously explore and promote innovative solutions for their clients. This superyacht promises to capitalize on the experience gained from commercial vessels utilizing methanol to meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.",


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