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Automatic fender system

Those who have traveled by boat will surely know the process of decking the boat at the port. Many times they may have helped place the fenders before the boat docked. And if they were in the process of undocking whenever they collected the fenders, they would surely wonder where it is and how much space they will take up. That's why there are companies that have created an automatic system for the boat's fenders, so that with one button they can be spread in the right place and with one button they can be collected.

There is the system shown in the photo and the fenders are collected on the outside and spread on the outside with the push of a button,

And there is also the system in the photo above where the balloons are stored deflated inside the boat and at the push of a button, they come out of the outlets and inflate after they are out until the boat is docked.

The companies that have the above systems are indicative: Fender System, Boat Innovation, automatic fender, fenderbagsystem

The prices vary based on the size of the boat and the system you choose and are determined after consultation with the company.


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