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ναυτικό στυλ αντρων πάνω σε σκαφος

How to adopt the nautical style

The nautical style is timeless and always stylish. It always exudes an air of nobility and elegance.

Let's see how we can achieve it!

Invest in a striped t-shirt

ριγε μπλουζακι
nautical style

We have selected three sweaters that you can choose from the market. Whether it is from the classic nautica company, or from decathlon for a more economical option.

ριγε μπλουζακι nautica
lacoste ριγε μπλουζακι

Pair it with a double breasted jacket

σακακι με σταυρωτα κουμπια _edited_edite
σακακι με κουμπια

Choose either a blue double breasted jacket, or a beige linen jacket if it's summer, or a simple classic jacket.

σακακι brokers
σακακι σταυρωτο λινο
oxford λινο μπλε

Find the right glasses that add extra to your style

γυαλια ηλιου

Choose a classic pair of glasses, or a more special pair of frames.

rayban γυαλια
david becham sunglasses
oakley γυαλιά ηλίου

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σακακι με σταυρωτα κουμπια

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