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Whether you're just getting into sailing, a seasoned sailor, or sailing is your passion, you need the supplies you need to set sail! Having the right wind-blocking and waterproof clothing will keep you distracted and in all weathers. 

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Helly Hansen 

Mr. Helly Hansen   in 1877 when he was working on his boat in Norway he realized that it was necessary to find clothes that would protect him from the cold of Norway and the wetness of the sea. So his wife started soaking clothes in linseed oil to create a waterproof layer that would protect him from the sea and humidity. He began to give these clothes to his workers and later to sell them to others and that's how Helly Hansen   was created, which until today has the most durable sailing clothes._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


Some 50 years ago British Olympian Keith Musto realized that traditional clothing was preventing him from performing at his best. Whenever he started   making clothes and it resulted in him winning the 1964 Tokyo Olympics with Musto gear! 
To this day, Musto designs sailing clothing that allows for ease of movement, but also durability in any condition.

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Henry Lloyd

The company was created by the Polish  Henri Strzeleck and Angus Lloyd in 1964 in Manchester, England. They pioneered the use of waterproof materials and fabrics. They made many innovations, such as the use of the first non-corrosive zipper, but also the use of velcro   on clothes. 
To this day, the company innovates and occupies one of the first positions in sailing clothing, as they are distinguished for their high aesthetics. 


Slam   was born in Genova, Italy, which is located on the Ligurian coast and its history is rooted in fishing, sailing and its port. Slam then began to manufacture clothing suitable for life on shore and at sea to meet the needs of the city and eventually emerged as one of the largest manufacturers of sailing clothing. An important role in this was played by his collaboration with former and current Olympic sailing athletes. 
His company is known for combining durable clothing with Italian finesse.

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