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Zeelander gives us a first taste of the all-new Zeelander 8!

zeelandr 8 yacht boatinggreece
We are excited and proud to unveil the timeless exterior profile of the Zeelander 8," said Zeelander founder and owner Sietse Koopmans. “Like all our yachts, she will excite with an expected top speed of 38-40 knots. It will also be extremely quiet in operation, with unparalleled handling regardless of the propulsion options selected. When we are finally able to share details of the interior, it should be clear that this yacht represents the absolute pinnacle of performance and comfort for the world's most discerning owners."

zeelander 8 yacht boatinggreece

The yard's desire to push the boundaries of luxury is Zeelander's philosophy. Each yacht is recognizable by its timeless design, curved aesthetics and quiet sailing experience. It is a superyacht that combines a sporty character because it combines engineering with comfort.

zeelander 8 yacht boatinggreece

Full details of how the extra volume offered by her nearly 40m long hull and 6.4m draft will be used have not yet been revealed, except that the yacht will offer three double cabins for guests and space for up to three crew members. It is also clear that the yacht will feature an innovative garage based on the system developed for the Zeelander 6 and 7.Only by seeing it in relation to a human figure will we be able to better understand the size of this beautiful yacht!

Designer Cor D. Rover's expert touch is again evident in the yacht's balance and proportion

zeelander 8 yacht boatinggreece

The new S-shaped Zeelander 8's clean lines, well-designed stern and extended windscreen will captivate long-time fans of the brand as well as newcomers.

zeelander 8 yacht boatinggreece

Once again, the Dutch boat builder has brought its industry-leading expertise in noise and vibration attenuation to the new design. It allows the yacht to operate at full speed without the noise levels on board ever breaking the 72dBa barrier. In other words, the Zeelander 8 will always be an oasis of comfortable calm - even at 38-40 knots

zeelander 8 yacht boatinggreece

Construction is already well underway at Zeelander's shipyard in Groot-Ammers, which was recently renovated and expanded to meet customer demand for larger yachts. The first Zeelander 8 will be delivered in the summer of 2024.

So we are eagerly awaiting this new beautiful yacht and the images from its interior that will surely meet the shipyard's high standards!


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