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super sub

U-Boat Worx, a leading manufacturer of submarines, presented the Super Sub at this year's Monaco Yacht Show. The three-person submarine can reach a depth of up to 300 meters. It incorporates advanced technology, safety features and improved design.

super sub

The Super Sub develops an unprecedented speed of up to 10 knots underwater. This is 3-4 knots faster than the top cruising speed of a bottlenose dolphin and 7 knots faster than the average submarine. The Super Sub is more than a ticket to an underwater theatre, it’s a backstage VIP pass that immerses guests in the heart of the action.

super sub

To experience the underwater world in the optimal way, one of U-Boat Worx’ design priorities has always been the clearest view. To ensure this, our remarkably clear fully acrylic pressure hull has been positioned at the front of the submersible, providing an unobstructed view in every direction, unimpeded by ballast tanks, batteries and other components.

super sub

Like every U-Boat Worx submarine, the DNV-certified Super Sub is equipped with state-of-the-art safety systems. The "maximum depth protection" feature prevents the pilot from descending beyond the submarine's maximum operating depth. If the submersible goes too deep, this safety feature will automatically raise the submersible until it returns to its certified depth. A heavy weight drop can be manually released from inside the boat to aid buoyancy and assist in returning to the surface in an emergency.

θποβρύχιο u boat

The innovative SHARC Controller makes sure the hydrofoils operate in unison with the powerful thruster systems to guarantee guests the most thrilling ride.

Additionally, each submarine, including the Super Sub, is equipped with a minimum of 96 hours of life support.

υδροπτέρυγα του υποβρυχίου


The innovative Hydrofoils on the back of the submarine allow the sub to direct the flow of the thrust in a more effective way. Making it possible to make sharp turns and banks in the Super Sub.

υποβρύχιο super sub

The Super Sub will be delivered to its client at the end of 2023. The next unit is scheduled for delivery in October 2024 and is currently listed for sale. The starting price for this model is €5.2 million.



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