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The "Most Valuable Yacht" sailing catamaran is a template of ecological innovation

DRIFT Energy and Shadowcat are working together to launch the Most Valuable Yacht (MVY) – a 58m megawatt-class energy vessel, which was announced at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023. Since then, interest in the project has been unprecedented, according to founder and CEO of DRIFT Energy, Ben Medland, and Shadowcat's Director of Business Development, Jennifer Smith.

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Drift Energy and Shadowcat are making waves in eco-friendly marine solutions with the launch of their innovative catamaran, which justifies its name as the "Most Valuable Yacht" (MVY) as it has a unique capability—it can produce, stores and delivers green hydrogen while navigating the open sea. A single vessel is capable of producing over 140 tons of green hydrogen per year - a volume that would reduce more than 1,500 tons of CO2 in a year.

“The whole idea behind DRIFT is that we're a new class of renewable energy,” says Medland “If you look at the renewable energy market, the world needs more green energy, and it needs it fast. Our response is simply to add another solution."

Working with the design expertise of Shadowcat, -a renowned catamaran manufacturer-, Drift Energy positions the MVY as a game changer in the marine industry. The boat uses turbines that collect the kinetic energy of its sails, converting it into electricity. This power is then stored onboard as green hydrogen, providing a zero-carbon fuel solution. When the storage capacity is almost full, the MVY can either dock at a designated location or transfer the green hydrogen directly to another vessel.

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Beyond the shipping industry, MVY has capabilities to support small island nations. Smith emphasized the scalability of this initiative, envisioning opportunities to efficiently provide energy to island nations and coastal communities.

Drift Energy estimates that MVY's technology could significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, with claims of up to one gigatonne reduction by 2050. The company is inviting forward-thinking yacht owners to join this green initiative by offering exclusive and sustainable supply of green fuels.

shadowcat , drift energy , yachting , superyacht , boating , boatingreece

Some critics have raised concerns about hydrogen's instability. But Medland assures “As a hydrogen-producing yacht, it's exactly the same powerhouse as a hydrogen-powered yacht, but in reverse. So in terms of chemical processes, we're not doing anything different,” he says. “From a security perspective, we need to make sure we're building a trusted platform. But simply put, we're highlighting the same processes that are currently in use and they work flawlessly, so ours will have the same assurances."

Undoubtedly, MVY is an innovative standard in environmentally focused shipping solutions.

"The vast majority of the world's renewable energy is above the oceans, so what better way to harvest it than using sailing vessels?"



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