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The 74-meter "flying" yacht Plectrum designed by Lazzarini Design Studio

A prototype yacht of 74 meters length called Plectrum has been unveiled by the Italian studio Lazzarini Design Studio.

The design is inspired by the most modern America's Cup yachts - specifically the Luna Rossa design - and is a larger example of foiling technology installed on a yacht. The ultralight yacht can reach an estimated top speed of 75 knots and is made entirely of carbon.

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The foiling superyacht was designed to reach its impressive top speeds by "flying above the surface of the sea". Instead of being propelled by the wind, the Plectrum can move and rise above the surface of the water thanks to three hydrogen engines. Each engine is capable of delivering 5,000 horsepower, for a total output of 15,000 horsepower.

Hydrofoil technology has been envisioned with an adjustable beam of up to 20 meters that can be reduced to 15 meters when the yacht is docked or moored with a draft of 6.5 meters.

Finished in a striking orange hue, the Plectrum's exterior design is defined by a smooth, streamlined silhouette with flat arched sides forming the side decks and hull openings.

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The yacht's living spaces are divided into four decks, with the main body offering six guest cabins and an owner's suite. Preliminary renderings also feature a helipad located in the bow and a large beach club aft with a swimming pool. There is storage amidships and additionally a garage at the stern for one car.

Currently, the Plectrum superyacht is still in the concept stage, but Lazzarini Design says it can be built on request for €80 million.

Lazzarini Design has a number of designs, including the 169m Sovrano and a 150m airship-style superyacht concept powered by helium gas.



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