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Navier's N30, the electric hydrofoil that "flies"

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Navier is a Silicon Valley startup developing technology to increase the efficiency of small motorboats by 90% while ensuring zero emissions and superior driving performance. Navier is producing a limited number of boats in its first year under the Pioneer program. As the startup focuses on developing technology for the Navier 30, it wanted to partner with an innovative and capable shipyard. Lyman-Morse is one of the few shipyards in the United States that has experience working with high-tech boats built from carbon composites. As a bonus, the shipyard's location, Maine, is an emerging technology hub with a strong shipbuilding heritage.

"What has excited me – and all of us at Lyman-Morse – about working with Navier is that we are developing something that is cutting edge and sure to be the future of yachting in this type of market," commented the Chairman and Owner Lyman-Morse, Drew Lyman . “Building a full electric boat out of carbon fiber fits very well with what we do at Lyman-Morse, plus it's a shipbuilder's dream project. We [Lyman-Morse] have built a reputation for beautifully crafted boats and take great pride in our ability to implement advanced systems and technology. This is exactly what the Navier project embodies!”

Navier , N30 , Yachting , yacht , boating , boatingreece

The Navier N30 has come to redefine the reality of electric boats, without compromising on performance, comfort and utility. With a take-off speed of 15 kt and a maximum speed of 35 kt. In its standard configuration, maximum range is 75 nmi at 20 kt. Shore charging takes place overnight on a 240V line located in marinas, with DC fast charging taking 30 minutes.

With a carbon fiber hull, the lightweight boat glides over the water with America's Cup technology, carrying up to 10 people. Two 90 kW electric motors and a hydrofoil allow the 8-foot, 6-beam N30 to glide over waves that would otherwise cause awkward motion. Active Foil Control is enabled by aerodynamic stabilization technology and Variable Draft allows the boat to float in 3-4 foot seas or retract the hydrofoils to sail.

Yacht , Navier , N30 , boating , boatingreece , yachting

The N30 offers three modes of operation. Eco is the most efficient mode and optimizes the range. In Sport mode, the N30 is said to be the only hydrofoil that provides the option of controlling all three axes with a side joystick, giving its enthusiast users the sensation of flying over water.

The company claims that the N30 comes with first-class software and features that take sailing to a new level. They include advanced autopilot, hazard alert/collision detection, waypoint tracking, and options for joystick and auto-link. The N30 includes an automatic docking system, with camera and sensor monitoring while also compensating for external conditions such as wind. It has two twin engines that allow the boat operator to make more specific maneuvers, a feature that other hydrofoil boats do not have. Advanced steering and maneuvering capabilities can also be used in manual mode via a joystick on the steering wheel.

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The N30 is futuristic yet classic, combining luxury and high utility without compromising on performance. The futuristic versatile day boat is ideal for fishing, water skiing and family outings.



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