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EcoVadis awarded D-Marine for the second consecutive year for its sustainability policy

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The D-Marin Punta Faro Resort marina

D-Marin, a leading force in the premium marine sector, has been recognized for its strong commitment to sustainability, receiving a silver award for the second consecutive year from EcoVadis, the world's most trusted organization in the field of sustainability business practice assessments.

ecovadis, sustainability , D- Marin, boating , boatingreece , yachting

D-Marin was awarded this award after evaluating its sustainability practices and commitments based on 21 indicators in four categories: environment, working conditions - human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement. The assessment is based on a strict international standard of practice, with the thresholds constantly being upgraded every year, making it increasingly difficult to achieve improvements in the assessments.

D-Marin maintains a strong Environmental Social Governance (ESG) strategy driven by the vision to establish "Sustainable Marinas for current and future generations", covering all four areas in which it was assessed.

Ecovadis , sustainability , boating , D-Marin , boatingreece , yachting
D-Marin Tribunj marine, Croatia

Areti Priovolou, Health, Safety and Environment Manager of D-Marin mentioned:
“We are extremely proud to now be ranked in the top 24% of leisure companies worldwide. The bar is set higher and higher by EcoVadis every year and we, for our part, welcome the challenge. Sustainability is no longer a vague concept, it is everyone's imperative and responsibility to ensure a sustainable world, both environmentally and ethically, for our teams, our suppliers and the societies in which we operate. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of these fundamental principles."

Evovadis , sustainability , D-Marin , boatingreece , yachting , boating
D-Marin Gouvia marine, Corfu island , Greece

Christina Samoulada, Human Resources Director, emphasized: "The improvement in the EcoVadis ranking is a confirmation of the collective efforts of our teams in the marinas and an ongoing commitment to sustainability. Aligning our actions to this purpose with sustainability at the core is not just what we have to do because it's the right thing to do, it's now "rooted" in our company's DNA. We strive every day for improvement, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility and community well-being."

D-Marin is a leading force in the premium marina sector with 23 marinas in Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Malta, Turkey, Montenegro and the United Arab Emirates. It offers comprehensive marina management and development services, focusing on enriching the yachting experience for its clients.



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