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Domus trimaran-the first zero emission yacht

Yacht design studios Van Geest Design and Rob Doyle Design have come up with a trimaran concept that aims to be "the first truly zero-emission yacht over 750 tonnes".

The Domus megayacht will be powered by a combination of hydrogen fuel cells, hydroelectric generation – the creation of power through sailing – and solar power.

Designers say this will give the yacht unlimited range, with a battery power storage system to keep the vessel operational during nighttime hours. The boat will be completely silent when docked, with no generator noise and no exhaust fumes.

Van Geest Design (VGD) and Rob Doyle Design (RDD) conceived her interior to have a "villa or bungalow" experience on board, with all living spaces on one stepless deck.

Domus is a trimaran, meaning it has three hulls instead of the two of a catamaran. VGD and RDD designed the boat to investigate how much more efficient this class of boat is compared to a catamaran.

The vessel will be just over 40 meters long, but its internal surface area will extend to almost 800 square meters – more than four times the internal surface area of most monohull sailing yachts of the same length.

All Domus services – such as the galley, laundry and crew – will be located in the central hull, while the outer hulls will be used mainly for storage and the entire length of the main deck above will be given over to the exclusive use of the owner and their guests .

The main deck will include two VIP and four guest staterooms, two patios covered by solar panel blinds, a spa, a gym, a swimming pool, beach platforms, a cinema and lounge areas.

Domus takes its name from a type of ancient Roman house inhabited by the social elite, which was usually arranged around a central courtyard or atrium.

VGC and RDD said they re-examined every aspect of yacht design to create the Domus concept.

"As the concept of Domus has not been thought of before, we had to isolate the key features and translate them into the design for maximum performance," founder Pieter van Geest told Dezeen.

"The yacht has the same amenities as a 60m motor yacht, but the way the spaces interact is completely different."

Other innovations in yacht design coming from Waterstudio.NL, is a solar-powered electric yacht with retractable stilts that allow it to be completely raised out of the water.

Van Geest and Rob Doyle Design believe that the current trend in designing large Superyacht catamarans is fundamentally flawed. They strongly believe if you want the benefits of Multihulls in the 40m plus size, the only practical solution is a trimaran. The extensive design research and analysis we have undertaken for 80/90m Superyachts and 40/50m Multihull Superyachts clearly shows that a Trimaran is the best choice.

The team behind the Domus project have been involved in the design of more than 60 Superyachts and have extensive detailed design experience, knowledge and data that allows them the confidence to undertake such a project.


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