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Countdown begins for METSTRADE 2023: What to expect?

metstrade 2023  boat show

Metstrade (METS), the world’s largest marine trade convention, is preparing to return to Amsterdam between 15 - 17 November with around 1,400 exhibitors set to attend.

The event is a mainstay in the boating calendar and a key opportunity for the industry to meet and discover new products, innovations and technologies in a B2B setting.

metstrade boat show

Sustainability will be a topic of discussion:

In an unprecedented initiative, this year's METSTRADE focuses on pivotal themes that mirror the currents of our time: environmental stewardship, cutting-edge technology, diversity, and education.

It is intended to guide decision-makers in the report, presenting sustainable solutions verified through rigorous third-party life cycle assessments (LCAs) overseen by the Water Revolution Foundation. These solutions, which aid efficiency, reduce environmental impact, promote corporate social responsibility and minimize waste, are accessible for new and existing yachts in all phases of their life cycle.

women in marine industry metstrade 2023

Empowering change for female leadership:

The event will feature leading women from around the world, ready to explore the opportunities and conquer the challenges facing women in the shipping industry. The participants are Gemma Gonzalez, Director of the Yachting Business Unit, Gruppo Boero. Laurie Louvier, Vice President of Marketing, Dometic; Michelle Hildyard, Vice President Product Management & Business Development, Raymarine; Nicky Vaux, Partner & Business Development Manager, Empire Marinas Group and host of The Boat Princess podcast. Rachel Bridges, Director & General Manager, Cummins, Global Marine. Michele Goldsmith, Vice President and General Manager of Soundings Trade Only Group, will moderate the panel.

Young Professionals Club & Career Zone:

For young professionals, METSTRADE offers more than just a platform – it offers a community. The METSTRADE Young Professionals Club & Career Zone is an exclusive nexus for networking, career coaching, and insight exchange. It enables the next generation to craft their path in the marine sector with guidance from seasoned experts.

Next generation propulsion zone

The growing demand for climate-friendly engines and fueling is gaining significance in the marine market. At METSTRADE 2023, they are capitalizing on this trend with the Next Generation Propulsion Zone, a dedicated area showcasing the latest innovations in electric and hybrid engines, alternative fuels and zero-emission solutions.

Revolutionising mobility:

City Foiling stands as a beacon for the future of urban transport. The conversation around this novel mode of transportation will take the stage at the FTP Theatre, where experts will dissect the potential of foiling to revolutionise city mobility with its speed, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

More information and catalog of the Boat Show METSTRADE 2023 can be found on the official website.,


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