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Colour Trends for boats and yachts

Two colors were used to prevail for a boat's hull, either white or dark blue, black, and white was usually chosen to reflect the sun. Of course, these two colors still prevail on most boats today. But boat designers have changed the game in boat design.

They gravitate towards natural and earthy tones such as sand, beige, soft brown and soft green. These colors can also be incorporated into furniture, bedding and decor to create a relaxing atmosphere on your boat.

Similar to the trend towards earth tones, they also gravitate towards raw materials such as wood, stone and cork. These materials can be used for furniture, decor and even flooring to create a cohesive and harmonious look.

Therefore, the same trend prevails in the interior of the boats, thus giving harmony with earthy colors. Of course the color of the sea is never out of fashion in the sea area, the touches of navy blue always match the natural blue of the sea.

For the most extreme boat or yacht onwers, very vivid colors have been proposed by designers, which makes the boat that has it distinctive and indispensable. Such colors are orange or red.

Or the intense turquoise we've seen on small and large boats lately.


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