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Boat taxes: where to pay (and how much) in the Mediterranean in 2023

Before we start our summer cruise, it is good to be informed about the taxes in the Mediterranean countries, where a tax is paid for the stopover and passage of boats (boat tax). Here is our guide to Croatia, Montenegro, France, Greece and Spain.

Boat tax, in which countries do you pay it?

There are Mediterranean countries where a tax is required for crossing (vignette), docking and possession. These include Croatia, Montenegro, France, Greece and Spain. Amounts that are sometimes insignificant, but it is good to know them before we leave, because, for those who do not comply, the risk is to pay twice: the tax and the fine.

Boat tax in Croatia

With the entry into the Schengen area and the adoption of the euro from January, the transition to Croatia will be much easier this year. Even if you simplify the paperwork, the fees remain, but with the exception of the first visit, you will be able to pay them all online. To navigate in Croatian waters you have to pay various fees: those for navigation safety, environmental fees against marine pollution, tourist tax and, if you enter a national park, the entrance fee.

As for navigational safety fees and environmental fees against marine pollution (vignette), these are calculated according to the length of the vessel and engine power. They can be paid online through the eNautics portal, which you can access with a SPID or Electronic ID, but the first time you enter Croatia you have to go to the Port Authority for registration and you can also pay the fee on the spot (not in cash) .

You also owe tourist tax if the boat is longer than 7 meters and you stay on the boat. It can be paid once depending on how long the boat will stay in the country, for the entire duration of the stay or per person per night. Payment must be made online on the website of the Croatian National Tourism Organization. The per person option is more tedious to get online and has to be filled out multiple times if you make several trips to Croatia throughout the year, but can be cheaper for short stays. To dock in a national park, such as the Kornati Islands, it is necessary to purchase a ticket. The same is not required for unmoored sailing. Tickets can be purchased online and, if done in advance, often save you money compared to buying on the spot. For more information, you should visit the website of the Croatian National Parks Authority.

Boat tax in Montenegro

As in Croatia, sailing in Montenegrin waters requires a vignette, which must be purchased from the Port Authority upon arrival and attached to the boat so that it is clearly visible. The cost of this navigation fee depends on the duration of the vessel and the period of validity (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year). There is also a charge of €2.00 for the maintenance and management of projectors. Vessels calling for maintenance are not required to pay a vignette. The same applies to those participating in a regatta or event. The requirement is that the regatta or event must be registered with customs at least 48 hours before the start.

After purchasing the vignette you will also need to pay the tourist tax, which depends on the size of the boat and the length of stay. This covers all crew on board for the duration of the schedule.

Boat tax in France

Annual yacht tax is only due if you are tax resident in France, regardless of the nationality of the vessel and where you sail. For more information we recommend visiting the official website (in French).

Boat tax in Greece

Since 2019, Greece has introduced a stopover and navigation tax in territorial waters called TEPAI. This must be paid by all vessels over 7 meters in length passing through Greek waters, whether they are private vessels or chartered companies (regardless of flag).



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