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Bluegame has revealed its new multihull model BGM75

Bluegame, a Sanlorenzo brand, presented a new 22.7m multihull model called the BGM75 at the Cannes Yachting Festival.

Designed to maintain the appearance of a monohull with the advantages of a catamaran, the BGM75 offers increased stability, large volumes and reduced fuel consumption.

The hull is reduced to the point where it approaches the size of the monohull and above all, only the front view reveals the two hulls. From the side, and especially from the stern, the Bluegame appears to have all the design codes of a monohull yacht. Therefore, the idea is to gain stability and, above all, to save fuel: the Design Office claims a 40% reduction in fuel consumption compared to a 90-foot monohull yacht - which, based on a 300-hour operating time , translates into a saving of 17,500 US gallons (66,000 litres) of diesel, and this equates to 175 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

The designers of the yacht are Bernardo Zuccon and Piero Lisson. Adding carbon fiber for the hull and lightweight materials in all non-structural areas and furniture, and fuel savings are guaranteed.

The yacht can also generate 5 kW of green energy thanks to 56 solar panels that can be installed on the deck.

The deck lounge is surrounded by 360 degree windows. This open space contains, with some differences depending on the chosen layout, a large relaxation area at the rear, complete with seats and sofas, and a second space forward that is more geared towards relaxation or mealtime. In the version designed by Zuccon, we also find the kitchen here.

Its engines have two options either equipped with 2 x Volvo 600h or 2 x MTU1200 for 300 hours of use.

The Ameglia-based yard also took the opportunity of Cannes Yachting to unveil a prototype model of the hydrogen-powered vessel.



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