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Argostoli marina is granted to A1 Yacht trade consortium S.A.

A1 yacht trade consortium boatinggreece

The improved offer submitted by the company A1 YACHT TRADE CONSORTIUM S.A. (YACHT TRADE CONSORTIUM S.A.), regarding the tender for the concession of port operation services and the right to use, operate, manage and exploit the Argostoli marina was approved by TAIPED and is granted for 40 years to this company with the possibility of extension for another 10 years.

The marina of Argostoli is located in the bay of Argostoli, 11 kilometers from Kefalonia International Airport "Anna Pollatou". Its capacity amounts to approximately 170 seats depending on the layout and size of the boats.

A1 YACHT TRADE CONSORTIUM S.A. (YACHT TRADE CONSORTIUM S.A.), of Greek interests, of the Polemi and Pavlatou families, aims at the strategic development and promotion of marine tourism with high-quality marinas.

The company is expected to implement investments that will exceed 30 million euros to upgrade and maintain the infrastructure in order to provide high quality yachting customers in a friendly and welcoming environment and at the same time to implement sustainable practices for protection of the marine world.The initial plans for the marina show 90 berths of up to 100 metres.

Initially, it will pay a one-time sum of 1.5 million euros and as an annual consideration a rate of 1.9% on the gross revenues from the operation of the marina.

The tender file will be immediately submitted to the Court of Auditors for pre-contractual review and the completion of the transaction is subject to approval by the competent authorities.


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