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U Safe: The innovative self-propelled U-shaped lifebuoy with remote control

U Safe: To καινοτόμο αυτοκινούμενo σωσίβιο σε σχήμα U με τηλεχειριστήριο

The U SAFE lifebuoy is a self-propelled, remote-controlled rescue aid designed to be fast and accurate. Able to quickly reach a person in distress.

U Safe: To καινοτόμο αυτοκινούμενo σωσίβιο σε σχήμα U με τηλεχειριστήριο

The U SAFE lifebuoy can operate regardless of which side it is facing, allowing it to quickly reach the distressed person in difficult weather and sea conditions.

The founder and president of Noras Performance, Jorge Noras, sought to replace the “obsolete ‘ring on a string’ concept” with a remote-controlled buoy that can operate effectively in every kind of ocean and fresh fish water environment.

A traditional lifebuoy can’t do much aside from keeping someone floating, that is if the throwing was accurate enough,” Jorge said. “The U SAFE is a fast, agile and accurate aquatic robot that can reach the exact spot of a casualty and pilot drive them back to safety.

It is powered by two electric turbines and weighs about 30 kg. U safe can reach a top speed of about 9 mph (8 nautical miles). It is very maneuverable from whichever direction it lands and can carry up to two people.

U SAFE is powered by an easily rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

With a waterproof remote control and handles to hold onto for rescuers, the U SAFE enables rescuers to maneuver into any situation with simple and unparalleled control.

Ultra G yacht boating greece

Heesen Yachts' Ultra G superyacht is the first yacht built with the innovative U Safe rescue system hidden onboard.

The owner’s representative explains why he wanted the system on Ultra G. “While Heesen owners pride themselves on the pedigree of their fast aluminium semi-displacement yachts, that same speed could have potentially dire consequences in the (thankfully unlikely) event of a Man Overboard (MOB) situation. Speed increases the separation distance between the person going into the water, and the bridge finally getting the information and reacting.

U Safe brings an added reactionary capability to reach the person overboard, driving the remote control ‘lifebuoy’ directly to them, so I was happy to bear the extra cost of adding it to the MOB system. In rough conditions or rocky areas, it is particularly valuable, preventing both the rescuer and the vessel from entering the danger zone. The remote control will operate up to 500m away.”


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