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The Greek shipyard Golden Yacht, with Phathom Studio unveil the Vesper concept

Yacht designers are constantly striving to raise the standards of aesthetics, livability and comfort in their boats to meet the needs of the most demanding clients. Greek shipyard Golden Yachts has teamed up with Dutch Phathom Studio to unveil a 65m concept vessel called Vesper.

Features of the Vesper concept

The model has been designed with a new generation of yacht owners in mind, with a Phathom representant explaining that new buyers prefer "a more relaxed use of the boat, with family and friends". The result is a reconfigured layout where designers play with light and space in an attempt to create more connected built-in spaces. Large expanses of glass will facilitate unobstructed exterior views and abundant natural light which will complement the calm tones and textures of the interior.

The new superyacht is 213 feet (65 meters) long and combines an elegant exterior design with a sophisticated, contemporary interior. What makes this Vesper concept stand out is the continuous connection between the decks, which should create a yacht that "looks more like an architectural residence than a typical 213-foot superyacht," according to the designers. The result is a sophisticated open layout that prioritizes the connection to the sea.

Interior layout

The superyacht features five similarly sized guest cabins on the lower deck, and an additional VIP cabin on the upper deck. The owner's suite extends over a two-level apartment and includes an en suite bathroom, a walk-in closet and a large living room with an open connection to the adjacent work area. Guests will also be able to take advantage of the private balcony via pantograph doors - opening onto an infinity pool, stone wall and outdoor lounge.

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The two-level apartment owner's suite

The open connected work area

The layout aligns with the designers' focus on wellness, both physical and mental. In a change from the norm, the sauna and steam room will be located in the sunroom, where guests can enjoy the view through large glass windows. This is accompanied by a larger wellness area, which includes the entire enclosed section of the sun deck. This can be configured with various settings such as gym, day kitchen or juice bar. Forward, there will be a private sundeck equipped with a whirlpool infinity pool and plenty of space for sunbathing.

Special configuration of the central deck

The departure from conventional arrangements is also visible in the configuration of the main deck, which will be divided into several zones where guests can be divided into smaller groups but still feel like they are sharing the same space. This apparent division between communal areas and secluded areas continues at the beach club, where a glass wall connects the oversized infinity pool to the pool bar. With this hatch closed, you have two separate spaces, but can be opened to allow guests to mingle.

To enable guests to fully enjoy the surrounding water and get the most out of their yachting experience, Vesper will be equipped with an arsenal of watersports.

Technological additions

With this new design, the designers of Golden Yachts and Phathom Studio also aim to meet the technological standards of the younger generation of yacht owners. Therefore, they endowed the Vesper with a human-centric lighting system that automatically adjusts to mimic outdoor light. In addition, the use of smart glass in the design allows the control of solar heat on board.



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