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Sunreef 35M Eco, the Poland-based company recently unveiled its brand new zero-emission yacht

Sunreef 35M Eco boatinggreece

The Sunreef 35M Eco is designed to offer an emission-free sailing experience, combining luxury with noiseless sailing. Using advanced green technology developed in-house, this futuristic catamaran features custom batteries, state-of-the-art electric motors and solar panels embedded in composite materials integrated into the yacht's hull sides, superstructure and bimini.

The Sunreef 35M Eco is 14.7 meters wide, providing ample living space on board. Located at the bow of the main deck, the owner's cabin offers stunning panoramic views and private access to the bow veranda. Inside the hulls, the catamaran offers luxurious and fully customizable accommodations. The outdoor lounge areas include a plunge pool and bar.

Sunreef 35M Eco boatinggreece

The yacht's Ocean Lounge is a huge aft promenade deck, designed to provide the ultimate relaxation and water sports experience. With easy access to water toys and diving equipment, as well as a large invisible garage, the Sunreef 35M Eco is the ultimate lifestyle platform


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