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SP110 a work of art from San Lorenzo!

yacht sea boatinggreece

The latest yacht from the venerable Sanlorenzo - an Italian shipyard that has designed and built custom motor and superyachts since 1958 - the SP110 has a stunningly artful design, in a knife-like 108ft or 33m hull. and gives the boat a sporty look.

The first model of Sanlorenzo's brand new open range, the SP110 offers the best performance at the lowest fuel consumption. Water jet propulsion ensures top performance and comfort at every speed and solar panels provide energy and power. A new generation of yachts is born.

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Designed by true design legends—Bernardo Zuccon for the exterior, Marco Arnaboldi for the hull design, and Piero Lissoni for the interior—the SP110 impresses with its sleek, sharp silhouette inspired by the great white shark .

salon of a yacht boatinggreece

Airy and ornate, the interior is sun-drenched with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer an open view from the main deck dining lounge to the swim platform

cabin of a yacht boatinggreece

The decor combines teak wood, resin and lava stone to stunning effect, while mirrored surfaces reflect light into the space.

But it's not just the interior trim elements that contribute to the SP110's lightweight feel, but also the materials used to build it. Covering nearly 80 percent of the boat, all this glass is a lightweight, multi-layered glass that helps reduce overall weight by nearly 5 percent, while also reducing UV heat inside, so less air conditioning is used in the indoors.

dinning room of a yacht boatinggreece

The fiberglass hull is covered by a strong, yet lightweight superstructure made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin, and the builder used a special soundproofing material that is thinner than average, but still very effective at blocking noise.

interior of a yacht boatinggreece

interior of a yacht boatinggreece

Entering through the large sliding glass doors located on the aft deck (which is a massive 23-by-23-foot space), one is immediately struck by the fact that the lower and upper deck salons are connected by an impressive two-story open patio. It looks like a loft by the sea, both its design and its layout refer to a modern New York Loft.

Its general characteristics are

Model: SP110

Overall length: 33.04 m

Maximum beam: 8.20 m

Draft with full load: 1.30 m

Accommodates: 6/8 people

Crew: 5 people

Engines: 3 x MAN V12 – 2000 HP

Maximum Speed: 40 knots

Fuel tank capacity: 12,000 l

yacht deck boatinggreece

It is more than apt to describe the new SP110 as a "work of art".


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