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RINA has awarded a RINA AiP certificate to Meccano Engineering for the Orca 65.

Meccano Engineering's 65m prototype exploration yacht, Orca 65, has been awarded an Approval in Principle Certificate (AiP) by RINA. The award is due to the yacht's dual-fuel methanol diesel propulsion system, which was unveiled during the recent Monaco Yacht Show.

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Based on 2019's Project Orca, - which was originally developed with traditional propulsion by Meccano Engineering - and inspired by the killer whale, the Orca 65 features a "robust" profile with "bold superstructure styling" and a radar mast intended to resemble with a dorsal fin.

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"The organic design features mimic the orca, the largest and most powerful member of the dolphin family," said Rosetti Superyachts CEO Fulvio Dodich.
"Instantly recognizable by their distinctive black and white coloring, these marine mammals roam the world's oceans from the Arctic and Antarctic to the tropics, which is exactly what our exploration yacht is designed for."

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In our corporate program aimed at developing advanced green solutions and projects with low environmental impact," says Stefano Reggente, President and CEO of Meccano Engineering. "We have created this innovative concept, based on our extensive experience in vessel design, combined with expertise gained through research and concepts for methanol-ready vessels developed over the past few years."

Reggente explains that the yacht is designed to reach the polar regions of the planet and is inspired by the nature of the regions. "For this unique and nature-inspired concept, it was only natural to develop an alternative environmentally friendly propulsion system," he says.

"After extensive research into fuel alternatives, we have focused on e-methanol as one of the most promising and feasible alternatives with a clear potential path towards a future carbon-neutral supply."

The choice of engine was also decisive for the concept of the Orca 65 yacht. Sebastiano Battagli, Technical Director of Meccano Engineering said: “All the major engine suppliers in the market are currently working on methanol-ready or methanol-ready models. For a yacht of this size, we chose a MAN 175D methanol-ready engine, which will be available in 2026.”

The yacht has the same "guest surface" and interior volume as the original 1300GT Orca, a similar range and a slightly reduced garage. At least 30% of operations will be powered by methanol.

"We thank RINA and its team not only for this important recognition but also for their active support and cooperation," concluded Reggente. "We hope that the award of the Approval Authority will be just the beginning for us, with the aim of developing the project starting from the concept and taking into account Rina's valuable feedback."



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