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KMJ Studio: The new 85m superyacht Symbiosis inspired by nature

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

symbiosis super yacht

Design inspired by nature

Kurt Merki Jr. , chief designer and managing director of Studio KMJ, comments on the presentation of Symbiosis at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023, "After a long journey, I am excited to finally unveil a revolution of nature on board", "Symbiosis highlights nature , taking well-being onboard to a whole new level."

Kurt strongly believes that nature is the source of great design but also the ideal way to provide inner peace to ourselves. That's why he decided to design a yacht that surrounds it with as much natural materials and greenery as possible.

The innovative Symbiosis is a natural oasis that includes 10 key features guided by nature.

10 Characteristics of Nature

The tree of Life

Celebrating the wonders of nature with the TREE OF LIFE, located on the center deck of Summerrise, guests are welcome to board from either the stern or starboard side. Positioned as the centerpiece of the dining room and living room, the TREE OF LIFE sits under an incision that allows fresh air to circulate, daylight to flood the space, and a direct connection to the Green Deck above.

According to the client's preferences and the climatic region the yacht travels, the type of tree is selected with a special pot design by Kurt Merki Jr.

The Garden of Symbiosis

The SYMBIOSIS GARDEN on board is a spacious 140m2, lawned area offering family and pet-friendly activities, equipped with modular system, automated irrigation and maintained by a dedicated gardener.

The Hide Away

HIDE AWAY is a tranquil oasis surrounded by lush greenery, providing a peaceful space to relax and rejuvenate, whether in a hammock or with a good book, and allowing guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the yacht.

The green horizon

GREEN HORIZON is a continuous fence, which is located around the perimeter of the yacht, covering a total length of over 100 meters.


SANCTUM on SYMBIOSIS Yacht serves as a unique space where guests can engage in an immersive gastronomic experience growing and harvesting herbs, spices and vegetables, adding a special flavor to their gastronomic adventures on board.

The Ninfea pool NINFEA POOL is the ultimate pool experience. This area offers a stunning overflow glass inside the pool. While you are in the best and brightest part of the yacht, you also benefit from the idyllic palm tree or umbrella around you, which guarantees the necessary shade and a wonderful island atmosphere.

The canyon

CANYON brings nature indoors, creating a tranquil space for spa rituals with unique carved stone surfaces, tactile sensations and ever-changing lighting and plant options for a rejuvenating experience.

The oxygen cascade

The OXYGEN CASCADE on the yacht looks like a waterfall of lush vegetation that stretches from the upper deck to the lower deck, creating a visually immersive environment with real plants, enhanced by an invigorating aroma and an air purification system during the night.

Το Aurora Lounge

At the AURORA LOUNGE guests can sea the stars. A folding precision telescope is

hidden in the large feature panel and can easily be extended to get a great stargaze at night. During the day dolphin spotting can be the option or enjoying this extraordinary view during afternoon tea.

The Vivid Viel

The VIVID VEIL in the owner's master suite is a green "curtain" that surrounds the bedroom and bathroom, offering a unique experience of nature, including the scent of greenery and a rain shower.

Comfort and Flexibility

The 3,000 GT superyacht is envisioned with accommodation for 12 people and 24 crew, but her overall layout is flexible and can be tailored to an owner's needs. It may be first in nature, but the Studio MKJ is not barren of comfort. Symbiosis has a helipad, wellness suite and a full garage. But the infusion of nature at every turn is something that no other ready-to-build superyacht design offers.

The reason why
“I believe yachts are artificial islands that need to be infused with nature, in order to reconnect and be regenerated by nature, for our own wellbeing. This is why I have created the Symbiosis yacht. ~Kurt Merki Jr.



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