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Photovoltaic panels on boats

Photovoltaic systems area reliable way to recharge your boat's battery.All batteries discharge so PV panels make excellent chargers as long as they have a dedicated regulator in the circuit (see details below).

Why use solar panels 
The first reason for exploiting solar energy isfuel saving. The second reason isnoise pollution, as generators usually produce noise and the third reason isthat you can charge the boat's batterieswhile you are not up. The larger ones not only charge the batteries but also provide the possibility of powering the boat's functions, such as  AC type heating devices. 
Types of panels
Theamorphous panels with thin silicone film, which are ideal for shady conditions, but produce 50% less energy than crystalline  panel. 
The Pall-crystalline or single-crystalline, which are the oldest and are ideal for larger loads. These panels are also distinguished infixed or flexible. Of course, for the selection of the panels we will install, we will have to calculate the energy required for our boat depending on the load of the devices on the boat, as well as the space we have to install them.
Panel mounting method 
Place the panels as perpendicular to the sun's rays as possible and of course in a place that does not have many shadows. 
Charge controller 
The charge regulator controls the amount of power passing through and maintains the output voltage ata predetermined value, such as for example the charging voltage of 13.4V. The power of the amount that passes depends on the required energy of the vessel. We recommend Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPT) provide more usable power by finding the optimal panel power voltage. 
Energy yielded by each panel
With a well-tuned system and a  MPPT regulator you can get the maximum possible efficiency, taking into account the inevitable energy losses

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