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Y Yachts with Cossutti YD launches the 23m Y75 Breeze daysailer

y yachts y 75
The concept of the Y75 sailboat was born from a desire to create a new type of sail yacht that combines the ease and simplicity of a day powerboat with the magic and thrill of balanced sailing

Maurizio Cossutti, Alessandro Ganz, and the whole team at Cossutti – Ganz Yacht Design Studio are excited to announce their latest project, the new 75-foot (23 meters) super daysailer from YYachts: YBreeze 75.

y yachts y75 breeze

The vessel features elegant exterior lines and a high-performance hull while maintaining minimalist and functional characteristics, in line with YYachts’ philosophy.

The project began last year when Michael Schmidt, founder of YYachts (and previously Hanse Yachts), presented Maurizio Cossutti and Alessandro Ganz with a simple yet highly stimulating question: “Why do we prefer motorboats over sailing yachts?”

cockpit y yachts y75

The cockpit is generously spacious, with ample areas for the entire crew to sunbathe and fully enjoy the sea. The concealed and integrated helm station on the side deck gives the yacht a clean and visually captivating appearance, enhancing ergonomics, comfort, and safety for the helmsman.

Another notable design feature is the opening transom bulwarks, as well as the convertible aft platform with an integrated swim ladder, creating an extension of the deck. This provides the crew with a unique connection to the surrounding marine environment and convenient access to the water.

Developed in collaboration with Wendover Studio, the interior style is designed to guarantee an inviting, practical and elegant atmosphere. Materials are appropriately used, carefully detailed and coordinated to represent today’s luxury style. People expect to feel at home of course, so the style can be customised following clients’ preferences.

 y yachts breeze y75

YYachts carefully selected the name Breeze for this exceptional boat to emphasise that it goes beyond being just a new model. Instead, it represents a new concept that revolutionises how people experience and connect with the sea.

y yachts y 75 breeze boating greece

To reduce the Y75 BREEZE’s carbon footprint as much as possible, Y Yachts has invested in redesigning their Griefswald yard in Germany, making all processes as sustainable as possible. For instance, inside the boat only offcut veneer sourced from exclusive furniture producers is used and interior bulkheads are made of sustainable epoxy composites. To reduce emissions further, owners can choose between a “zero emissions” electric saildrive or a 100hp diesel saildrive that runs on synthetic fuel,,


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