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The world's largest sportfish is nearing completion at Royal Huisman

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Royal Huisman's 52-metre Project 406 – better known as the world's largest sportfish yacht – has reached a construction milestone. The yacht is preparing to have its upper deck, sun-awning hardtop and radar mast installed at the shipyard's new-build facilities in Vollenhove, the Netherlands.


Constructed of Alustar® aluminum, she is the largest sportfish yacht in the world, with her towering profile accommodating six decks and her hull measuring 52 m / 171 ft overall.

Interior and exterior design and naval architecture come courtesy of the celebrated Vripack Yacht Design Studio.

Her design is extremely distinctive, with a long bow and high bulwarks sweeping through a clear sheer to a low and uncluttered cockpit aft. The high tower offers outstanding views with a downward angle on the water for specialized fishing. Apart from its practical function, the tower also offers a superb viewing platform for guests, who can follow all the action below.

Project 406 possesses the finesse of a contemporary superyacht and the performance of a high calibre sportfisher. She sets a new benchmark in the world of big game fishing boat.

Sportfishing first came about in the late 19th century following the invention of the motorised boat. But it wasn’t until the 20th century when the sport truly took off. At that time, sportfishers were all about traveling long distances in search of their catch. Today’s advanced marine monitoring systems make fish-finding less of a lottery, but skill is still required. Yachts with tall towers and outriggers dominate the horizon.

"Not only is she the largest but, without doubt, the most bespoke, finely appointed, meticulously engineered and most impressive true sportfish yacht anywhere in the world – with all the amenities expected of a superyacht," said a spokesperson for Royal Huisman. "The testing of most onboard systems and other innovative technical installations is currently nearing completion before her final transport, upcoming launch and trials."


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