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Super Yacht of the Weeκ: Revolutionary Design and Luxury Experience on 75m. Kenshō

kensho super yacht

Kenshō not only has an unusual exterior, but the interior is a step change from more traditional yacht designs.

Kenshō is a motor yacht with an overall length of 75.18 m. The yacht's builder is Admiral from Italy, who launched Kenshō in 2022.

Its name comes from the Japanese term for identification with nature. 'Kenshō' features a reflective turquoise hull and sleek exterior lines by Azure Yacht Design and Archineers Berlin.

kensho super yacht

For Kenshō's designers many key features of superyachts made no sense.Why do we need the bridge on the upper deck and the engines amidships on the lower? They were questions the designers set out to answer, and the solutions that followed could push yacht design in a new direction.

kensho yacht boating greece

Stepping on to Kenshō from the stern, the first major difference is obvious. Five of a total of eight guest suites (which accommodate 12 owners and their guests as well as four of the owner’s staff) feed off a long corridor beside the lower deck beach club—where the engines and water toys are usually located. The design team created a “tank” deck below this one to house the engines and moved the tender garage to the front of the boat. This layout gives guests direct access to the outdoors with views of the glass-encased sea-level pool and the surrounding water. Two additional twin cabins for the owner’s staff are also on the lower deck, as is the gym. Two VIP-sized staterooms are located on the main deck above.


With their experience and the youthful enthusiasm of fresh eyed newcomers, Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku (Agence Jouin Manku) approached the design of KENSHŌ’s interiors by posing some fundamental questions that challenge naval tradition. KENSHŌ synthesises superior solutions from residential and naval architecture to trace new lines for quality living at sea. Generous high ceilings, panoramic views, intelligent and modular configurations that adapt to enhance space, intimacy and comfort. The lighting, curated by “Voyons Voir - Lighting Design”, recreates a soft environment recalling the lighthouse that gave hope to the navigators of the past were at sea. Noble materials are artfully transformed into rounded and organic forms. Teak, marble, onyx, silk, wool, bronze and glass - a diverse material palette deployed in a deeply personal and poetic expression of design. From her exterior hardscape to her soft touch interior, the narrative is coherent, seamless and contemporary; each element orchestrated by the agency.


Admiral Kenshō is equipped with an innovative diesel-electric propulsion system, with permanent magnet electrical engines which grant high efficiency and power. The propulsion system has five variable speed generators, all with diesel particulate filters (DPF) to optimize consumption at all speeds and drastically reduce emissions.

She has 3 Caterpillar Inc engines and 2 Caterpillar Inc engines, giving her a top speed of 15.4kn.

The design has been developed paying particular attention to the environment, in compliance with the voluntary “ECO” notation of the Class Entity; even the hull has been crafted with the intention of minimizing resistance, through the use of azimuthal propulsion and retractable stabilizers.

Italian Sea Group, a global operator in the luxury yacht industry, has announced that the M/Y 75m Admiral Kenshō has won the 'Motor Yachts over 60m', 'Interior design over 40m' and 'Iya Bathroom' categories at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2023.

The weekly charter cost of this mega yacht starts at 900,000 euros.,,,,


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