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Project MED: De Basto Design's futuristic design with "floating" glass superstructure

Designer Luiz de Basto, founder of De Basto Designs, has unveiled a new superyacht concept that features a futuristic design and celebrates the Mediterranean lifestyle.

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De Basto Designs is a Miami-based yacht design studio specializing in luxury yachts, custom yachts, as well as commercial vessels. Founded in 1995, its chief designer, Luiz de Basto, is a professional with over thirty years of experience in the field, having been involved in the design of more than 250 boats and yachts.

The studio's latest creation, Project MED, is a 302-foot (92-meter) long superyacht with a reflective glass "illusion" superstructure that appears to float above the vessel.

The vessel is characterized by helical and soft exterior lines reminiscent of the gentle waves that wash the shores of the Mediterranean, as the design concept is rooted in the Mediterranean lifestyle and focuses on open spaces and a deep connection with the sea. One of the greatest gifts of Mediterranean culture to the modern world is the ethos of outdoor living and dining, which is known to contribute to well-being. This MED concept aims to offer experiences and infinite flexibility.

As a celebration of the Mediterranean way of life and free thinkers, the central concept in the design of the yacht could not but have Greek elements. At the heart of the concept is the open central deck called the Agora, named after the public square and center of life in Ancient Greece.

De Basto envisioned the main deck as an expansive, multi-purpose social space where guests can meet, dine and relax, shaded by a glazed glass superstructure that forms an optical illusion that reflects the surroundings. The openings and windows of the boat are covered with screen printing in the same color as the hull, which makes them virtually invisible from the outside.

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De Basto Designs worked with Lateral Naval Architects on this superyacht concept to ensure the practicality of the design. Lateral is responsible for creating the structural system of the glass superstructure, which they have designed with a minimal footprint and just four supports that keep it 'floating'.

This gravity-defying superstructure is the most outstanding feature of this boat and stands out through its unconventional shape and the way it creates the illusion of floating above the hull.

Project MED is an imposing 2,300 GT superyacht that offers generous interior spaces. While the Agora Deck is open and delightful, inside the hull, there are two other decks that include more private spaces, although these too feature an open layout configuration.

The designers envisioned the yacht with accommodations for up to 14 guests in seven cabins, with the owner's master suite located on the upper deck. Guests, on the other hand, have four suites and two VIP cabins to choose from.

For an unforgettable sailing experience, Project MED is equipped with luxurious amenities such as a large aft swimming pool, a gym, a helipad and many relaxation areas.

Designers envisioned the superyacht with a hybrid diesel-electric system that would give her a top speed of around 16.5 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots. Futuristic and innovative, Project MED is an exciting new design that, while it may not turn into a real yacht, is poised to inspire future superyacht models.



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