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Online booking in Marines of the D-Marine group

In 2022, digitizing the marinas, D-Marin launched its new online booking platform, which allows its customers to choose and book the position they prefer in any of its marinas in less than two minutes. Since the launch of the platform, over 35% of new bookings have been made through the new digital platform. The introduction of the online booking system is part of the Connected Marina Group's strategy, following the company's commitment to provide a market-leading premium service that provides an exceptional sailing experience for all its customers.

Matthias Gehring, Chief Digital Officer, D-Marin said, “The online selection of a specific seat with instant booking and instant confirmation is a unique industry solution provided by the complete integration of our operating systems. Our special approach allows us to offer this effortless service to all our customers so they can enjoy the sunset instead of queuing, waiting or worrying about being able to get a berth at the marina. We are thrilled with how quickly D-Marin customers have adopted the new digital services with more exciting plans on the horizon. So far, their feedback has been incredibly positive."

D Marin continued the digitization of marinas with smart pillars to be installed in 2023


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