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Discover the Latest Garmin Dive Watch Models for Safe Exploration

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Garmin watches have won a large audience since the beginning, as they meet the requirements of even the most demanding for underwater exploration as well as for everyday life.

The 2023 Garmin releases offer advanced diving capabilities while incorporating recycled materials.

Descent™ G1 Solar - Ocean Edition

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Featuring parts crafted from recycled ocean-bound plastics, this rugged solar charged dive computer and smartwatch was designed with environmental responsibility in mind. It comes with Garmin innovations to help make the most of your diving experience — plus multisport and smart features for your active life out of the water.

This rugged dive computer features a solar charged display, 45.5 mm reinforced polymer case and scratch-resistant sapphire lens. It’s water-rated to 100 meters and tested to U.S. military 810 standards for thermal, shock and water resistance.

Supports for multiple dive modes — ranging from technical to free dives.

Its cost is 599.17 euros and you can find more information, as well as buy it from Garmin's official site.

Garmin Descent Mk3 series

Garmin Descent Mk3 series watches boating greece

For divers who want the ultimate Garmin dive computer experience, the new Mk3 series was released. The Mk3 and Mk3i incorporate many of the new features we've seen in 2023 on Garmin flagship wearables, including an AMOLED display, multi-band GPS, and more. The Mk3 series have a 200-meter dive-rated case.

This model is equipped with DIVEVIEW™ color maps with depth contours and dive sites , with more than 4,000 preloaded dive sites, underwater compass sensor, and more.

When connected with the new Descent T2 transceiver, divers can connect via SubWave sonar technology to other divers, communicate using preset messages, and track up to eight other divers that are within 10 meters.

garmin watches

The 43mm Descent Mk3 is priced at 1.100 euros, the 43mm Mk3i for 1.290 euros, and the 51mm Mk3i models for 1.475 euros. The Descent T2 transmitter is available for 460 euros.

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