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Besenzoni impresses at METS 2023, with exhibition innovations in boat equipment

With a long history of 56 years, Besenzoni confirmed its leadership role in the boating sector with its presence at METS 2023, which took place on November 15-17 in Amsterdam. Two separate stands of the company presented innovative and of course high quality marine accessories.

Besenzoni , METS 2023 , boating show , boatingreece , boating greece
Rope Deck boardwalk made of 100% polyester monofilament cordage
Besenzoni , METS 2023 , boating show , boatingreece , boating greece
Gangway PI 461

In the Superyacht Pavilion, Besenzoni presented top solutions from the Unica series, or Unique Yacht Solution, for large yachts. The focus was on the seats, including the latest version of the P463 Shark, with a fixed back, which can be easily installed on manually sliding supports or directly on a special support surface to adapt to the space available on board. A huge range of possible combinations of leather and marine vinyl upholstery are available.

In addition, among the company's attractive creations stood out the gangway with the special ecological Rope Deck coating, which is equivalent to teak wood in strength, durability and beauty, but is a more sustainable option, in line with the company's increasingly important policy of reducing the consumption of natural resources.

Besenzoni , METS 2023 , boating show , boatingreece , boating greece
P 463 Shark pilot armchair

The company's many products for ships of all kinds, exhibited in the Italian Pavilion represent all the tradition and innovation that has been the lifeblood of the brand for over fifty-five years, successfully combining a special focus on design and aesthetics with continuous research and development.

Among the new products presented, two electric gangways stood out, the first of which is an extension of the BeElectric series, now ranging in length from 1 meter to 4.5 meters, while the second is an innovative treadmill designed specifically for outboard boats, either newly built or in use. Along with these, Besenzoni also presented LaScala, an electric treadmill of amazing width.

Besenzoni , METS 2023 , boating show , boating greece , boatinggreece

Also included in the stand was the star of the autumn shows: a new ladder and platform from the Oceano series, mainly a boarding/disembarking and swimming ladder, which has been designed to allow easy access to the quayside and the sea, ensuring safe boarding.

Founded in 1967 in Sarnico, on the shores of Lake Iseo, Besenzoni has established itself as a leader in the boating scene thanks to its exclusive philosophy, distinctive design and ability to integrate functionality and aesthetics into its products.

In collaboration with major brands in the industry, the company has developed a wide range of accessories, designs and patents that meet the highest standards of the boating scene.


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