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Baltic Yachts launches the 34m superyacht Raven with its innovative foil-assisted design

raven super yacht foil assisted

The Raven is a sailing vessel with an overall length of 33.84 m. The yacht is built by Baltic Yachts from Finland, which launched Raven in 2023. The superyacht has a volume of 100 GT.

Raven features exterior design by Jarkko Jämsén - Aivan and interior design by Jarkko Jämsén - Aivan.

sailing raven with foils

Baltic Yachts reported the sloop's "impressive reliability", reaching consistent speeds in the high 20knots during 10 consecutive days of sailing with her crew (led by Klabbe Nylöf).

What is revolutionary about this superyacht is that it is the first sailing yacht of her size and type to use hydrofoils on adjustable side to support a high displacement of her keel.

ιστιοπλοϊκό γιοτ Raven

The completion of Raven's two-year construction and testing period is a testament to the expertise and dedication of the Baltic Yachts team, who undertook an exhaustive weight-saving program and incorporated advanced composite carbon fiber components into the yacht's structure to achieve optimum performance. The result is a stunning example of interior design and a revolutionary sailing vessel that is sure to turn heads in the yachting world!

sailing yacht raven

The yacht's hydraulically operated side foils are fitted with T-shaped foils, adapted to support approximately 60 percent of the yacht's displacement at speed. Although the Raven is fitted with a fixed keel, without hydrofoils it needs the help of the water to maintain stability while sailing.

cockpit saling yacht

Also innovative is the design of the cockpit which looks like a small bird's nest and keeps guests away from the sailing area and is equipped with a folded hard bimini. The cockpit can also be converted into a semi-covered hardtop seating area thanks to the clamshell-style forward section.

το κεντρικό σαλόνι του σουπερ γιοτ Raven

The focus of attention was equally focused on the impressive exterior of the yacht and the concept and style of the interior, created by Jarkko Jämsén and his team.

οι σωληνωσεις στο εσωτερικο

Jarkko describes the design concept as "holistic" as the exterior and interior of the yacht are designed to form a cohesive entity. The structure of the boat remains exposed inside and becomes part of the design exercise. "What is not normally visible is now visible," says Jarkko. "There's an aggressive, brutal side to some of the designs, like the carbon fiber structure itself, the systems, the wiring and piping, with a thin layer of luxury in between," he continued.

Raven's economical design even extends to the shower doors, which have been reduced from 13.5 kg per square meter to just 2.3 kg per square meter. To that end, some custom components have been 3D-printed internally, including the clips that hold the tubular carbon chassis in place.

sailing yacht Raven

Raven will be powered by twin Yanmar generators and a Swiss Phi-Power AG electric propulsion motor. The drive train is completed by a retractable propeller designed with carbon blades and a titanium hub.



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