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Arcadia Yachts designs solar panel decks using technology in a beautiful way

solar panel yachts boating greece

Thanks to the hull forms made in-house, sailing in an ARCADIA yacht is 10 to 40% more efficient in terms of consumption than yachts of similar sizes.

Furthermore the solar energy stored in the onboard batteries powers the main appliances, without continuously using generators.

solar panels arcadia yachts boating greece

Collaborations with leading-edge partners have increased solar panel yield by more than 30% in the last 10 years.

solar panels arcadia yachts

The roof with solar panels creates a unique effect of light and shadows.

arcadia yachts boating greece

The multi-layered panes contain the noble gas krypton to guarantee thermal insulation of around 18°C: like a 20-cm brick wall.

arcadia yachts boating greece

The extensive side openings, convertible terraces and Up&Down windows create a continuos flow between indoors and outdoors.


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