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Arcadia A96 a lifestyle yacht!!

arcadia A96 yacht boatinggreece

Motor yacht Arcadia A96 is manufactured by Arcadia brand based in Naples, Italy since 2023. Arcadia A96 is a 29.34 meter semi-displacement boat with 5 guest cabins and a draft of 1.76 meters that can reach speeds of up to 23 knots . The yacht has a fiberglass / grp hull with a CE (A) certification class and can sail in the open ocean.

Arcadia A96 boatinggreece

About 4.5 kWh of energy is produced through solar panels, energy that can even be stored in batteries, so you can enjoy up to 8 or 9 hours of silent operation. It has 4 IPS VOLVO engines that guarantee efficiency, flexibility and performance.

On the yacht with over 400 sq.m. welcoming, livable space, the owner and guests can enjoy life aboard in comfort and luxury even at a speed of 24 knots.

Arcadia A96 boatinggreece

The careful curation of all interiors together with the owners gives each Arcadia yacht the opportunity to be a unique masterpiece. Large open spaces and comfort on the upper deck ideal for relaxation and contact with the sea for the owner and guests.

Arcadia A96 boatinggreece

Arcadia A96 boatinggreece

Indoor and outdoor spaces that seamlessly and harmoniously become one... just three steps from the sea.

Arcadia A96 yacht boatinggreece

Sliding glass walls invite breezes, natural light, aromas and panoramic views to guests.

The interior design, the spacious spaces, the hidden lighting in the bathroom, the earth tones and also the sliding cabinets are all designed to create a restful and relaxing atmosphere.

Arcadia has partnered with Garmin to develop an impressive way to maximize situational awareness behind the wheel. Cameras around the hull feed the images to the Garmin plotter, which stitches them together into a panoramic view.

It has also created a spacious space for the staff, such as the kitchen as well as the staff cabins which are about 30 sq.m.


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