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Andy Waugh presents the futuristic concept catamaran 80m Decadence

Renowned British design studio Andy Waugh Yacht Design has presented an innovative 80m catamaran concept called Decadence. Inspired by the technological advances seen in the automotive and aeronautical industries of the 1920s, the design aims to capture the essence of that era while pushing the limits of modern design and engineering.

According to the studio, Decadence represents the capabilities of the SWATH (Small-Waterplane-Area-Twin-Hull) hull form. This distinctive catamaran configuration features submerged cylindrical hulls connected to a central structure with aerofoils, offering unprecedented aesthetic possibilities yet to be fully explored in the ultra-luxury yacht sector.

The futuristic hull design enables remarkable technical advances, including an estimated 70% reduction in pitch and roll movements compared to conventional monohull superyachts, ensuring improved comfort and safety for passengers.

With a generous 30m hull, the 5,000 gross tonnage (GT) vessel offers extensive interior spaces. Spanning 20 meters wide, 30 meters long and 3 meters high, the owner's suite exemplifies the scale and grandeur of Decadence. Each deck will feature fully enclosed outdoor spaces, providing privacy and protection from inclement weather.

The design studio also recognized that the yacht's oversized hull would make it difficult to find suitable marina positions, which it has tackled in multiple ways. First, the increased stability of the hull form "negates the need for weather protection." In addition, the design also has built-in capacity for two 14m yachts from Skyline Yachts to act as shuttle buses to shore.

Decadence's performances are enhanced by retractable inflatable sails that suggest the use of wind power. In addition, the yacht will feature a revolutionary propulsion system that is expected to reduce energy consumption by around 30%.

Το Andy Waugh Yacht Design έχει κερδίσει την αναγνώριση για τις οραματιστικές ιδέες του για γιοτ, συμπεριλαμβανομένων των 70 μέτρων Serafina, 175 μέτρων Acionna, 45 μέτρων Revolution και 90 μέτρων Nouveau.


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