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Akron Aoton, the only Greek trimaran in the Aegean 600

Akron Aoton is a trimaran based in Santorini and has already received 4 world cups in the orma cup race. He received these cups under his previous name in the name of Groupama with the world famous captain Frank Gammas.

Later, as HIQ the boat won the famous North Sea Round Gotland race and took the speed record of 43 miles on the Helsinki - Tallinn route and the Round Tjörn race.

Designed by the famous Nigel Irens, the racing trimaran Orma 60 stands out thanks to its aerodynamic and lightweight construction.

Today, as Akron Aoton, he took part twice in the Aegean 600 (1st and 2nd). The boat in the 2nd Aegean 600 began to unfold some of its fantastic qualities. Speeds of over 25 knots, pressures and forces testing the endurance of boat and crew and a distance of about 30 miles covered in 4 hours!

Unfortunately, however, due to a problem with the anchoring mechanism of the master's windlass, he did not allow the boat to continue because the forecast showed strong winds. Making an appointment in July 2023 for the 3rd Aegean 600.


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