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Smart Pillar-D-Marin in 2023 in the marinas of its group installs smart pillars for water and energy supply via mobile!

The new product has been developed in-house byD-Marin,with purposefull digitizationof the customer experience regarding the control of electricity consumption, remote metering and the possibility of digital payment. By 2023, the installation of smart pillars will be completed in all D-Marin marinas, modernizing the existing water and electricity supply pillar.

The launch of the smart pillars, as the company notes, is another step towards achieving its goalD-Marinfordigital marina of the future, which will provide a restful user experience. Customersthey will no longer need to visit the marina office or wait in line for power.Instead, they will have full control over the remote opening and closing of water and electricity supplies, remote metering of consumption, as well as full cost control. The main advantage of smart pillars is that they can be controlled by the customeronline at the click of a button, enabling him to manage his own energy supply.

Michal Maslowski, Chief Information Officer of D-Marin said: “We are proud to provide another one this yeardigital solutionof D-Marin in allpremium marinasof the Group. This particular investment follows its launchonline booking platform, at the end of 2022, being another huge step inupgrading the customer experienceus with innovative solutions, as part of the ongoing ambitious strategic plans for the digitization of D-Marin».

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